According To The Fuse Box

Fuse box serves the same purpose as the circuit breaker box. Electrical equipment control fuse in the house. Fuse boxes are obsolete by modern standards. The advantage of having a parameter that is at home, instead of replacing fuses each time it is used, the switch can be easily restored. It can be frustrating, time and must change the fuse every time you use your time.

According to government estimates, the faulty electrical wiring caused every year about forty thousand house fires. Such as switches, fuses are used to prevent fire and electric shock by interrupting the electric current in case of electrical overload. When the fuse or circuit breaker trips, it is important for you to find the source of the problem.

One of the most common causes of excessive force fuse. For example, if you have a light that seems to stop working, you can often get a lot of elements that are connected to a single power source. In other cases, the fuse may be a more serious problem. Sometimes, a single device may have a short circuit; It can also mean an internal short circuit in the wiring of the house. In both cases, it is preferable to have an evaluation of the electrical fuses and wiring box professionals to prevent a serious house fire.

When the breaker panel, you also need to label each fuse in the fuse box. Label each fuse can make it easier to replace the need to precisely locate the fuse blew and the equipment used. You can identify the first fuse to stop the entire series. Identify the fuse blows, cracked or frayed cables. When replacing the fuse, keep it covered to prevent electrical shock.