How To Install Underground Flagpole

A tree is buried only a tree that has its roots in the ground. It is a permanent center designed to withstand winds up to 130 mph, according to the materials and cells of high tree. As trees need support roots, underground foundations should trees.

The foundation was created by digging a hole, moist soil, and poured concrete. A cylinder “groundsleeve” then incorporated into the wet cement. Groundsleeve is a cylinder of thick steel with an open bottom upwards and which is intended to protect the shaft against the corrosive effects of cement. Groundsleeve origin from a steel plate which is locked in position. Groundsleeve interior is cut strong central base of the steel shaft. Often groundsleeve include paddock to the channel by a distance (but this can be a bit ‘a problem if you have a glass fiber, a single material trees tree that does not conduct electricity.)

The foundation may also include time-neck which is on the floor and the base of the sleeve pole for the protection against the elements and provide a view of the base as well. The space between the collar and the post is sealed to prevent the water from the base of the pole and the foundation.

In basic construction, it is important that the column extends far enough counter, not to decrease. A good rule of thumb is that ten percent of the length of the shaft should be buried.

Some larger tree does not require professional installation. Ask the manufacturer or distributor if they wanted to do it for free with the purchase.