Importance of Project Design Home Room Decor

The house is where we live, we spend most of our lives,

with family members and loved ones.

Space design project includes a thorough study
in the whole house. When the plan of an architect
at home, he took into account various parameters
the position of the different regions.

Take the example of the same coin.

When deciding the location of rooms, an architect
You can go through the following list.

* Eastern Division

* Route Gift

* The surrounding countryside.

* The presence of other natural resources such as lakes, flowing

rivers, beaches, etc .., which can be seen through

bedroom window.

* Direction of the wind.

* Man makes other features, such as skyscrapers, roads, etc ..

External factors that directly affect the internal
environment. Not only the living room and bedroom.

For example, the amount of light entering the room will be
affect the size of the window openings, which will be
in turn, affects the space available in the room for

Weather conditions that affect public outdoor
type of finish and materials used for furniture, bedding,
floors, etc .. A room on the beach would be another
together to manage the climate in the room
hill with a heavy snowfall.

That is why the interior design to each show
an exact replica of what is happening outside. All
very dynamic. Small changes in the outside world can
affect the appearance of the house completely.

If you try to design your own space, then this article
This can help you begin to think conceptually.

With these words, I end this article and hopefully useful.