The Function Of The Circuit Breaker Panel

As the owner, you must be familiar with the position of the control panel. In most homes, the switch box located in a utility room or basement. Sometimes the distribution box is located outside of the house. The houses are larger, there may be several control panels, including the main sub-panel board and additional. Usually switch box gray and wallboard. If you open the door panel, you’ll see some different options. Each switch that controls power consumption and output of each device in your home. The main power switch control throughout the home and outside the home.

The main switch box and the private residences for the equipment in your home. Circuit used to protect homes in the event of excessive force. If there is excess power because the power cord is damaged or many other reasons, the circuit breaker trip caused electricity should be turned off for one second unit or the entire house.

Most homes have experienced a circuit breaker tripped at one time or another. If you can not get the power of a particular instrument, the possibility of tripping the circuit breaker. As usual, especially in older homes, it is important to label each circuit of the control panel. To mark the circuit, you can check each circuit by turning off the power to determine any relevant source. Label each circuit in the switch box can facilitate and frustration in the future.