10 Modern Designs of Inspiring Small Size Living Rooms

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Urban lifestyle that is fast and instant Design, does not require the size of a large house with a great appearance. Especially for you, young executives who tend to spend more time to socialize or move outside the home. Modern studio type apartments seem to be sufficient to accommodate the need for a place to stay.

The type of studio apartment is sufficient to accommodate the need for a place to stay.

According to experts, a small-sized residence and living rooms, such as a studio apartment or house type 36, is quite suitable for young people or newly married couples. In addition to the number of residents who have not been many, lifestyle factors also tend to encourage the choice of that matter.

However, if it is associated with health effects or effects, such as stress, a small type of home is certainly not suitable for the elderly or elderly. This is caused by many factors. This issue will be discussed in a special article.

Well, for young people like you with modern lifestyles, the size of the residence will not be a problem, the most important thing is how the design, decoration, and arrangement can be done, so that houses and or small apartments are no less comfortable with luxury homes.

The choice is always on the interior concept as to what is used.

The minimalist modern style is considered the most suitable and fitting for a small room. However, this is also not necessary. If you want other models and styles, please just adjust to your desires and needs.

Here are 10 photos of modern minimalist modern family room interior design concepts, which you can make an inspiration:

1. Scandinavian-style living room interior enclosed type, with white walls, wooden floors and TV attached to the wall. minimalist sofa, rounded coffe tabble, really simple but modern. ~ via houzz

2. living room in a Scandinavian style mini studio apartment, modern minimalist, simple and elegant. ~ via houzz

3. Mediterranean-style living room, tiled floor and unique coffee table. ~ via houzz

4. Carpets, minimalist coffee tables, sofas and wall art that are also minimalist. cool chandelier. ~ via houzz

5. modern living room with sofas, coffee table and a cool indoor plant decoration. ~ via houzz

6. family room with dominant white paint color, bookshelves and decorations and a touch of color on the sofa cushions. ~ via houzz

7. Modern style family room. ~ via Pinterest

8. Modern style family room. ~ via Pinterest

9. Modern style family room. ~ via Pinterest

10. Modern style family room. ~ via Pinterest