Christina Haack Shares The Kitchen Design Trend Everyone Will Want In Their Home

Smart appliances have made kitchens much more organized and functional. From fridges that can manage your grocery list to ovens you can hook up to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, there are plenty of appliances that make the kitchen experience easy. But there is another appliance that Christina Haack sees as the future of kitchen technology: the smart hood. According to Realtorone of Haack’s clients is the one who brought it to the designer’s attention.

The smart hood is just like a regular range hood that removes smoke and helps ventilate the kitchen. However, this one includes a smart screen. The Kitchen Hub by GE gives you access to over 5,000 recipes that you can follow as you cook, and you can add your own recipes as well, according to GE Appliances. But beyond the ease of cooking, you’ll also be able to manage other smart devices and appliances like your lights and coffee maker. The Kitchen Hub allows you to access a calendar, video chat with built-in cameras and even use entertainment apps like Netflix or Spotify you can use while cooking. With all these incredible features and a convenient location, it’s not hard to see why Christina Haack sees this as the next big trend.