How to Install Wallpaper: Various Style Choices & Installation Tips

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Easy and practical way to install wallpaper. Before entering this stage, know that wallpapers have a variety of styles and inspirations that you can choose for your home.

When compared with ordinary wall paint, wallpaper has many advantages that paint does not have. One type of wall treatment can cover cracked walls and be easier to repair when there is damage. In contrast to wall paint, the repairs are carried out by repainting on a large scale.

The many advantages possessed by wallpaper make it one of the favorite wall treatments. No wonder so many people decide to decorate their house with the presence of wallpaper. Another thing that makes wallpaper superior is the many styles offered by this one wallpaper.

Various Styles of Wall Wallpaper

Wallpaper has a variety of styles that you can choose from. This style can be adjusted to the impression of the room you want to create.


A retro look is served by Arne Jacobsen’s Vertigo wallpaper. It gives a glamorous and elegant impression to the room. Originally, Vertigo was designed to be a furniture fabric. The semicircular pattern provides rhythm and movement to the room.


This wallpaper by Ava Marika Ditsy can be considered a work of art. It presents a display of dark flowers. This wall decoration can be paired with modern-contemporary style furniture. If you decide to use a wallpaper with a strong flower image, combine it with simple style furniture to balance the interior of the room.


If you are a plant lover as it is currently popular, you can apply it to the wallpaper of your choice. If not, you can choose a wallpaper that feels similar to the indoor plants that you are installing.


If you want a dramatic sensation in your room, you can find a wallpaper that matches this Divine Savage work. The presence of tropical palms, forest foliage, and a leopard reinforces the dramatic impression of this one wall layer. You can start by finding a wallpaper design that combines striking colors.


Mural-style wallpaper is the best choice to become the background of a room. Often times it presents a story in it and is a work of art. In addition, wallpaper murals also make the house an area with high creative value that tests the imagination of residents.


Panel illusions arising from the wallpaper you install can beautify your room. The presence of panels on this wallpaper has become popular lately and can provide its own uniqueness to a home.

The presence of this illusion wallpaper can also save your budget, if you want a wall display that exposes the rocks. Dont worry! Illusion wallpaper with rock images can be your choice.


Choosing a geometric patterned wallpaper can give the room a modern and edgy feel. It fits perfectly into a variety of modern interiors, from Scandinavian styles to design ideas that are considered striking. Geometric wallpapers are also the perfect choice to add an illusion of space to a room.

Environmentally friendly

This geometric wallpaper is called Fold and is a work by Lime Lace. The subtle pattern creates a modern feel as well as a light and airy feeling to the room. In addition, this wallpaper is made from environmentally friendly materials and is produced by a Swedish brand.


Metallic wallpaper is a great choice to add a layer of texture to a room. It is also perfect when it comes to reflecting light, so it can give a room a warm impression. In addition, metallic wallpapers also have visual appeal and can make the room more luxurious and elegant. The perfection of this wallpaper is suitable for hiding flaws in the wall.

Direct lines

The wallpaper design that uses a diagonal pattern creates the impression of movement in the room. Wallpaper with lines or patterns that have strong vertical lines can give the illusion of a bigger room. While the wallpaper with strong horizontal lines gives movement and the impression as if the room is wider.

How to Install a Wallpaper on a Wall

After you know the various styles of wallpaper that can be selected and adjusted to the impression of the room you want to display, it’s time for you to find out how easy it is to install them. Here are the steps:

Clean the Wall

First you need to clean the wall on which you will install your wallpaper. You can wipe it down using a sponge and a bucket of warm water. Afterward, let the wall dry and sand down any flaws you find on your wall.

Then, remove dust from the walls using a damp sponge.

Apply Primer

Second, apply a primer using a brush or roller to the wall to make the wallpaper stick. Use a spoon of putty as a protection when doing the trim process. Let the primer dry for at least two hours before setting the wallpaper.

Create Guidelines and Measure and Cut the Wallpaper

Third, draw guide lines on the wall. Use straight lines and levels to ensure that the lines you draw are perfectly straight. After that, measure and cut the wallpaper. Leave an area of ​​10 cm at the top. Roll the wallpaper in the opposite direction to prevent it from rolling into place.

Paste Wallpaper

Lay out the wallpaper and apply adhesive. Use a number eight motion to ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed over the surface of the wallpaper. Fold the remaining edge of the wallpaper so that you can hold the dry side, then stick it to the wall. Align the wallpaper with the guidelines that you have made. Leave a few inches of wallpaper on the top and bottom.

Trim the Surface of the Wallpaper

Trim the surface of the wallpaper using a brush. Cut off excess wallpaper using a knife. You can use a putty spoon as a guide for your knife. Repeat the pasting process again until the entire wall is covered with wallpaper. Use a roller to press the sides of the wallpaper surface.

Inspiration for using wallpaper

There are several inspiration for using wallpaper that you can choose for your room. What are some of them?

Combination of More Than One Wallpaper

There are no rules that prohibit you from matching and combining more than one wallpaper in a room. Even so, make sure the colors of the various wallpapers you choose match each other.

Installation in the Aisle Area

Although not all houses in Indonesia have aisles or hallways, some houses that have this one area need to try to decorate that area using wallpaper. Choose a color or pattern that visually connects to each area of ​​your home. This will make the whole of your home feel connected and no room seems set aside.