Tamara Day’s Current Favorite Interior Design Trend

Along with flipping old mansions, Tamara Day has also been working on her own personal projects. A large part of Day’s success and popularity is her keen eye for what is both trendy and timeless, which applies to both her professional and personal projects. When we asked her what trend she was focusing on when tackling her kitchen, Day said, “Simplicity. I am really loving kitchens that are more simple with less cabinetry. I’ve always loved open shelving, but just even less appliances — wherever possible , hiding the appliances.”

She also incorporated this streamlined, clean look in some of the kitchens renovated for “Bargain Mansions.” “We’ve done one house this season where we’ve done a baking pantry. So we got the ovens out of the kitchen, into the pantry where it actually hides the heat. Like, you’re at a party and you can have your appetizers in the oven, but you’re not heating up the house with all the people in it. And it keeps the mess contained in the pantry. You’ve got everything you need in designated spots. And so designing with order and purpose , I think is one of the big trends that I see.”

This advice doesn’t end with kitchen design, though. Day says that you should prioritize the efficiency and lived experience of any room’s design first, and then focus on its aesthetic value. “Organize the world that we live in and keep that going when you’re designing the kitchen, and take it a step further and be very intentional with how somebody’s going to live and function in the house, not just make it beautiful.”

Season 4 of “Bargain Mansions” airs each Thursday through December 22 at 9:00 pm ET on the Magnolia Network.